Slow roll

What is the slow roll in poker?

During the game in poker, there is the concept of slow rolls, which is associated with the tactical deception of an opponent in order to win money. By choosing this position, the player demonstrates that he has problems with luck, giving an extra reason for the opponent to feel absolute victory. However, at the showdown, a player shows his cards, which turn out to be much stronger than the cards of his opponents. As a result, he, with a smile on his face, takes the bank.
If you look at the etiquette of poker, slow play is a bad form of playing poker and is not accepted by professionals. However, players who use this style of game are not punished by the administration of the casino or poker club. At the same time, there are a number of institutions where they have established their own rules of interaction between players, which consist in the application of penalties in a relation of using slow play and other disrespectful psychological techniques.
In particular, the slow-play is in the slow and well-thought-out drawing of a strong hand, and the slow roll is a demonstrative belief of the opponent in his superiority with his further declassification at the final stage of showing hands. Also, a slow roll can be manifested in the player’s attempts to drag out time before opening the cards in order to create maximum intrigue, as well as to bring more drive and adrenaline into the game process.
The reason for the player’s desire to behave in such a way can be a character trait or a desire to play in public, and to attract maximum attention. However, such players can be recognized by slow actions, which usually hide a weak card combination. Slow players who prefer to bluff often try to win a game with bad cards In this regard, if you have a good hand, you should respond to such actions, confidently betting your money. The most important point is the gradual accumulation of a bankroll, which allows you to extract the maximum benefit in the final stage of the game.